View the Taj Mahal at Night

Taj Mahal is a must-visit in every tourist’s bucket list!

View the Taj Mahal at Night

This will be an experience like no other! Night viewing of the Taj is available five times a month—on full moon nights and two nights before and the after full moon. During this time, the beauty of this famed mausoleum is at its peak. It is said that the marble used to build Taj Mahal is extremely unique and as the moon rays fall on it, it radiates an exceptionally beautiful hue of blue, which you have to see to believe.

Be the First Ones to Reach!

Taj Mahal has a mystical aura which can be best enjoyed when the crowds are sparse, and that is possible only during the morning hours. Try to be there before 6.30 a.m., which is when the gates will open. You may still find a queue but it would definitely be less crowded compared to the rest of the day. There is nothing worse than having random strangers photo-bomb your exquisite pictures of the Taj.

Changing Hues

An interesting facet of the Taj Mahal is that it changes colours throughout the day. During sunrise, it appears to be pale pink; in the afternoon, it is sparkling white; and in the evenings, it turns a bronzish-orange as the sun sets. In late evenings, the Taj appears to be light-bluish in colour. If you can, spend as many hours as you can on the Taj complex to witness the different shades of the Taj, or plan multiple visits!

Spot the optical illusions

As you approach the main gate, the Taj Mahal appears to be unbelievably large and close. But as you move closer, it gets smaller and smaller in size, taking you by surprise.  And the minarets that appear to be standing perfectly upright are in fact leaning outward, lending an astounding artistic balance. Watch out for these optical illusions and you cannot but help marvel at the craftsmen and architects who conceived such evolved optical trickery!

Getting the Best Pictures of the Taj Mahal

Head for the two brick-coloured mosques on either side of the Taj, which promise great shots of the Taj. Or go across the river to get some unique angles of the monument during the day. The beautiful designs and latticed patterns on the doors and walls also make for good photography. Do also play around with the reflections of the Taj – they can give you some perfect shots. If you are planning to photograph the Taj at night, against the moon, be sure to carry the necessary lenses and photography equipment because the phone cameras just won’t do justice to its magnificence!

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